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Educator's Guide & Classroom Activity Set

Educator's Guide & Classroom Activity Set

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Ignite a passion for reading and love of learning in your students!

The Messiest Monster on Mill Street Educator's Guide & Classroom Activity Set is an invaluable resource for teachers looking to engage and inspire their students.  

This kit features 9 lesson plans & activities that can be used to explore the stories in more depth and encourage students to connect more fully with the text. Each lesson plan can be adapted for class size and scaled in difficulty for students in grades K-3. Where applicable, at the bottom of each lesson plan, you’ll see information on how the activities listed ladder up to Common Core Standards in Math and ELA.

What's Included in the Kit:

📚 Educator's Guidebook

🧩 Six (6) Jigsaw Puzzles 

🎲 Custom Game Cards


NOTE: This kit does not include the Messiest Monster book, however book bundling discounts are available! Don't forget to add it to your cart.

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